About Me

Rodolfo Rodriguez

On the road to Software Craftsmanship.

My Career

2nd hackathon, 2nd place

Not kidding. Created my first Alexa skill "Alexa the Barista".

Sept. 2015
Amazon Alexa Hackathon

1st Hackathon, 1st place.

After persistence, I convinced all my programming friends and my girlfriend to join me to a "hackathon". We built a game with JS and won 1st place.

May 2016
CodeDay Houston

Head First Programming

First time I came across coding. I didn't really know what I was doing, but that's where everything started.

Dec. 2015
A Dabbler

My Skills






My Projects

Local Hacks HTX

Local Hacks HTX is Houston's Local Hack Day, sponsored by MLH. A chance for the Houston community to come together and build something awesome in 12 hours!

Getting Started with Jekyll

Workshop for Local Hacks HTX. Learn how to do a personal blog, the developer way.